Used Mini Excavators – SAVE OVER $6000. Now Renting Mini Excavators in Victoria, B.C. Now in stock



We are excited to announce we now have Mini Excavators to our inventory right here on Vancouver Island. These brand-new Victoria Excavators will be available for purchase with additional all-new Excavator attachments.

As well, we also offer combination rentals for Dump Trailer and Excavator. Check out our competitive rates on these combination rentals, or ask for our sale price for our sturdy and reliable mini excavators.

Each of our Victoria Excavators will have both non-powered and hydraulic-powered attachments, as well as the option for both heating and air-conditioning. The larger mini-excavators are fully equipped with Larger mini excavators have the Kubota 05 Series INDUSTRIAL DIESEL ENGINE with EPA / CARB Tier 4 emissions, while smaller mini excavators are equipped with the Briggs & Straten motors.

Advantages of mini-excavators:

  1. Smaller and lighter than regular excavators, mini excavators cause less ground damage and leave behind fewer track marks.

  2. Due to their compact size, they are more efficient on crowded or smaller work sites.

  3. As they are smaller and less cumbersome, mini excavators are able to be easily transported between work sites, as opposed to their larger counterparts.

  4. Mini excavators are more affordable to both rent and own than larger units.

  5. Mini excavators have a longer lifespan.

Use for Mini Excavators:

  1. Landscaping

  2. Snowplowing

  3. Digging holes for ponds or pools

  4. Sewer line repair

  5. Digging smaller sized trenches

  6. Demolition of smaller structures

  7. Digging holes for fence posts

Contact us for a quote for a mini excavator rental. As well, you can purchase one of these Victoria Excavators. Not sure if a mini excavator is right for the job? Give us a call, and we can help you assess the situation and determine what equipment is best for the job at hand. Call us today to get started! Don’t forget to ask about our rental rates for Dump Trailer/ Excavator rental combination packages!